Experience Secured Communication and Collaboration in One Mobile Application
Organize projects and campaigns. Safely share relevant news and updates.
Collaborate, communicate securely and efficiently to private groups
and partners wherever, whenever you need it.
Dime Connect provides a highly secured communication platform for the Operators, Corporate, Communities and Government using a state-of-the art mobile technology and cloud-based infrastructure to differentiate themselves for their specific group of users.
Real-time Collaboration
Dime Connect offers always-connected communication straight on your device. Conduct Polls and Surveys. Respond and receive feedback real-time.
High Security of Data & Information
Prevent Data leaks and improve security. Share confidential information and file attachments without worrying on having it being exposed.
Cost-Efficient Communication
Reduce your organization’s communication expenses. Eliminate traditional phone hardware with virtual PBX Solutions. Let your team enjoy FREE calls and FREE messages among members and IDD calling at it’s most affordable rates.
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