Build a supportive, engaged community through avenues of Collaboration and Integrated Communications Platform.  – Unlocking the Power of Community Collaboration. Dime Connect empowers the Community leader to enhance the interaction to the Focused User Group. By giving the community members an interactive experience to drive community programs. You can reach out to the Community members much more effectively.

Share Your Story in a Unique and Engaging Way.

There’s always a way to share great experiences. Send your photos and videos with the most captivating camera angles wherever you go to Dime Connect. Create an interactive engagement way to reach out to the members of your group and community.

Dime Connect can be used as One-to-Many dedicated channel of the Community

Share information and materials to the Community

Community Group chat

Community News/Announcement

Foster Member Interaction

Opportunities for Partnership to different Community and Business partners targeting their audience.

Opportunity to interact to the Focus-user group