Secure Communications and Collaboration Platform
Your Privacy and Security are our priority. We’re communicating and transferring our data using internet. There’s always something that we need to keep our communication confidential.
DIME Connect offers a secure communication platform that can be deployed to all segments be it in the corporate sector, government and large community. Your Privacy and Security is our main concern.
  • Information Encryption Mechanism
    Creates a secure and strong environment that any unauthorized subscriber cannot access Dime Cloud’s corporate directory
  • Calling and Messaging in a Secure Way with Bank level Security.
    AOTP Verification. Security of individual asset. Bank level encryption.
  • End to End Encryption
    Only you and the other person you’ve sent message to can actually read it. It is a secure communication between you and the other party.
  • Encryption by default
    The Encryption mechanism is ready from day one as soon as you use the app to communicate and collaborate with other Dime users. The messages, the file and media attachments are all secured when you send to the other end.