Why Dime Connect?

Dime Connect brings all your real-time collaboration tools in one place. Be more efficient in doing your work anywhere you are.

Reliable Message Delivery  

Communicate with your friends, colleagues and the community members with reliable and secured messaging. Simply connect your device to the data or wi-fi network and enjoy Dime Connect’s free and secured messaging feature anytime, anywhere on your device.

  Free Calls to Your Community

Reach out to your friends, colleagues and business partners across the globe with FREE Calls. Simply connect your device to the internet and navigate your way to collaborate with the people and business organizations you work with.

Increased Level of Security  

Your Privacy and Security is our utmost priority. Dime Connect provides a safe environment for your voice communications, file attachments and instant messaging with applied bank level encryption technology.

Information Encryption Mechanism: Creates a secure and strong environment that any unauthorized subscriber cannot access Dime Cloud Corporate Directory.

  Public Phonebook – The Community Factor

Dime Phonebook is the simplest worldwide business directory that could be populated in a different way.

Dime Phonebook will consolidate the data for the Open Dime Community and will motivate the enterprises and community to use Dime Connect as a communication tool.

DIME Connect on Desktop  

Keep the collaboration going with the capability of using your desktop as an extension to your mobile app. Sync your mobile app chats to your PC and have the convenience of choosing which platform works for you. Download the Desktop app at connect.dimeglobal.net.

• Send text, video, file and document attachments
• Broadcast messages to specific individuals, or groups.
• Schedule sending of messages.
•Include votes, polls and stickers.
• User tagging feature.
Corporate Features
• Global Corporate Directory
• Hide number in the corporate directory for user safety.
• Secured Virtual Meeting Chatrooms and Activity Groups.
• Share campaigns, news and updates real-time.
Security Features
• ISO 27001 Certified.
• Bank-level encryption security.
• Secured exchange of messages and file attachments using end-to-end encryption.
• Metadata Encrypted
Supported Files
• Word, PowerPoint, Excel Sheets, PDF.
• Audio and Video files.
• Dime Connect inspects and scans file for possible virus threats.
Calls and Contacts
• Yellow and White Pages
• Online-Offline Calls
• Group Call up to 15 participants
• Call Saving
Optional Corporate Features for Add-On
• Jentrex- Virtual PBX Service / DID
• Jumie- Free SMS messaging