Why Dime Connect?

Security, more than anything else. Dime Connect ensures safeguarding the simplest to most confidential information shared within you and the organization.

  • ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Bank-level encryption security.
  • Secured exchange of messages and file attachments using end-to-end encryption.
  • Metadata Encrypted
  • Create a strong environment that only authorized subscriber can access the Corporate Directory
  • Localization of Data using Federated Cloud Technology.

Send messafe contents, discuss ideas with your team, FREE among Dime Connect users!

  • Send text, video, file and document attachments
  • Virtual Meeting Chatrooms and Activity Groups
  • Broadcast messages to specific individuals, or groups
  • Schedule sending of messages.
  • Include votes, polls and stickers
  • User tagging feature

You need not to worry about expensive network charges, talk to your fellow Dime Connect user anywhere they are, for FREE!

  • Online-Online Calls
  • Group Call up to 15 participants
  • Yellow and White Pages

No need for storage-consuming e-mail and file sharing apps, send files and documents to whoever you want as fast and easy as it can be!

Supported Files
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel Sheets, PDF
  • Audio and Video Files
  • Dime Connect inspects and scans file for possible wirus threats

Keep the collaboration going with the capability of using your desktop as an extension to your mobile app. Sync your mobile app chats to your PC and have the convenience of choosing which platform works for you. Download the Desktop app at connect.dimeglobal.net